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Sourpuss is a blistering satire of the depraved and entitled culture that pervades college campuses.

Mallory Wahl loathes the campus party scene . . .

She’s sprinting through her senior year obsessed with winning a spot on the US Olympic track team. But she runs straight into a hurdle in the form of fraternity president Graham Patterson, an intern assigned to help her recover from an injury – one she blames on him.

Once Graham’s therapies begin to work, Mallory pretends to fall in love but traps herself in her own scheme and tailspins deep into his debauched world. When a scandal erupts which threatens to shatter her Olympic dreams once and for all, Mallory must finally face the dark truth she’s been running from since freshman year.

In the style of a ’90s dark comedy flick, Merricat Mulwray’s debut brings an insightful and humorous perspective to the reckless behavior college students perpetually get away with. Mallory, herself a flawed heroine, is backed by a self-serving cast of athletes, party girls, townies, and fraternity brothers so hilariously dark that the book will leave you wondering if anyone ever gets what they deserve.

Praise for Sourpuss

“This all aligns with what I have been trying to find in fiction — more books about college students, more books about fraternities, more books about campus climates — making it immediately appealing. And as anyone who has listened to me talk about “Heathers” or “Sharp Objects” knows, I have a hard time resisting any story that makes me go “That is so f—ed up” while continuing to consume it without hesitation. It is a relief for me to say “Sourpuss” easily falls within that category.”

“From slut shaming, to toxic masculinity and the use of misogynistic language and the objectification of women, you’ll want to ask ‘Is this allowed?’ The answer is yes, and it is necessary… This novel, with all of its darkness, puts the topic of rape culture on college campuses at the forefront of your mind when you’re reading – a topic that is often overlooked.”

“Mallory… as an unabashedly brash woman, she stands out as the antithesis to the damsel–in–distress trope… It is exceptionally refreshing to read about a female character unashamed to flaunt her ego… the novel has no shortage of characters that make an immediate impact on readers.”

— The Daily Californian / UC Berkeley

“Perhaps one of the most offensive sick “jokes” in literary history… strongly written… brutally honest and graphic.”

— IndieReader

“Debauchery, nonsense and some of the most hateable characters ever… I loved it!… Darkly hilarious and sharply satirical, Sourpuss is fantastic fun to read.”

“It was dark and funny, and drew you in…I didn’t find myself getting bored once in the entire story!”

“intoxicatingly absorbing…unique and clever”

“Sourpuss by author Merricat Mulwray is a dark humorous book that will not disappoint! The characters were great, very entertaining and well thought out. Totally recommend this book!”

“This is no Carebears world… The rhythm is exhilarating and the ending is the knockout blow.”

“Mallory is an absolutely fascinating character.”

— Adam H. (Beta Reader)

“Douchebaggery of frat dudes and dark view into the Greek world are on point!

— Cory J. (Beta Reader)
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