On Comedy In Writing

Comedy in writing is incredibly difficult. Mostly because what each particular person finds funny is personal. There were times when we thought about holding back or changing something we thought was funny to make it more palatable to a wider group of people. But then we didn’t think it was funny. It was just lame it was no longer accurate. It didn’t tell our truth. So we decided we could only be ourselves and if we thought it was funny then that was good enough. That’s the key.

It didn’t tell our truth.

Everything is not for everybody and that’s perfectly fine. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve laughed hysterically while relaying a story only to be met with wide eyes. But other people laugh along just as hard. Perhaps that’s because what we find funny is based on truth and sometimes the truth is absolutely horrible. How true something is, is directly related to how funny we think it is, no matter how wrong it is.

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